Furstenbrunn Ltd., offer a specialist service to the cereals, seed and malting industries.

Our team have many years experience gained around the world and offer expertise in quality control from the field through to final process completion and dispatch of final product. Application areas cover moisture determination in the field, cereal storage monitoring, intake QC instrumentation and laboratory equipment.

Our range includes screening, milling, counting and specific quality parameter determination. Furstenbrunn offer full after sales service, callibration, repair and spares service.

We cooperate with leading plant breeding institutes and research establishments allowing us to react to new developments and trends within the industry. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or future projects.

Pfeuffer Contador Seed Counter
For determining weight per 1000 seeds

• For any grain sizes
• High counting speed
• Precise count
• Easy to use
• Quiet operation

Rationel Kornservice Sampler
Type CEE