Furstenbrunn Ltd is the United Kingdom and Ireland representative for the broad range of mission critical products manufactured by CE GmbH. From their modern and secure Headquarters, CE GmbH is cleared to process classified information. Key personnel are cleared to security level Top Secret.

The product range covers RUGGED computers and associated equipment, TEMPEST equipment and IT security products. CE GmbH provides high technology services to government, military, security, diplomatic and commercial clients worldwide

Continuous development allows us to offer state-of-the-art mission critical COMSEC products in accordance with standard AMSG720B which is by far the most demanding requirement in COMSEC technology. We naturally also offer our products with lightning protection including NEMP/HEMP.

Our design team maintains a comprehensive engineering capability and can transform your existing products or system to full compliance with unique mechanical, electrical or environmental requirements such as MIL-STD-81OF, MIL-STD-461D and other applicable standards. Lightning protection including NEMP/HEMP of mission critical products is offered on our RUGGED range.

The CE GmbH encryption Product Division provides professional hardware and software solutions to protect data and communications for government, military, diplomatic and security bodies as well as financial institutions. CE GmbH developments include NetCrypt (Group encryption within a secure Network) and ELSIG which is a forgery proof ID-Card System with encrypted data set with biometrics.

ELSIG supports data base systems such as SQL-Server and Oracle.