Typical applications are: gas measurement (both dissolved and is gas phase), liquid injection, turbidity and colour, alcohol, sugar/brix, viscosity, level, speed, head retention, protein, conductivity, fermentation and blending control, pasteurisation and many more.
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Laboratory CO2-Meter LAB.CO for non-invasive high precision dissolved CO2 content measurement in bottled beverages.
Laser technology, in combination with state-of-the-art electronics and mathematics, lead to a revolutionary new method for CO2 determination in bottled carbonated waters, lemonades, beer, cider, sparkling wines and champagne.
No piercing of package is required, therefore no change of physical system „bottle“ emerges.
Only ACM direct CO2 content measurement in the closed bottle provides you with the very true CO2 content of your package!
No moving parts, maintenance-free
Extremely fast, easy handling
CO2 selective measurement
Loss-free sample treatment

Pfeuffer Tannometer

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Dr. Thiedig Digox 5 & 6

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Quality control and quality assurance are perhaps the most important considerations for any manufacturer.

Furstenbrunn Ltd., offer a wide range of instrumentation for both laboratory and process use. We offer solutions to QC problems across many industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, brewing and distilling, cereals and seed, utilities (water treatment and power generation), malting, wine and chemicals.